Community Injury Protocols

HKFC Junior Youth Rugby does have a first aid team available on training days at the Club to help should our athletes receive injuries when training. They will be at the Club on training days and usually positioned in the blue seats under the Commentary Box or on Happy Valley 1. They will be noticeable wearing their first aid vests. Obviously they may not be there constantly; your Head Coach and Team Manager will be familiar with the personnel and will have contact numbers for those on duty that day.

It should be noted however, that these first aiders are not medical doctors but are there for soft tissue injuries and first aid only. HKFC Junior Youth Rugby follow the HKRU Community Injury Protocol, found here

The Hong Kong Rugby Union (HKRU) does keep track of serious injuries and concussions, and following such an incident you would be encouraged to submit an Injury Report Form at where the HKRU Medical Department will follow up with you.


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